Jazz and blues piano teacher in London

Frequently asked questions

  • Where are you?
    Clapham, South London. I'm a three minute walk from Clapham North tube (Northern line) and five minutes from Stockwell tube (Victoria Line). click here for a map

  • How much is a lesson?
    £50 per hour

  • Pay as you go?
    I ask for one lesson in advance and always charge for cancellations unless I am able to reschedule the lesson within the same week.

  • What are your teaching times?
    Day and evening, Monday to Friday. The slots are as follows: 10.30am, noon, 3.30pm, 5pm, 6.15pm, 7.30pm. The evening slots tend to get booked up.

  • Do you teach online?
    Yes, I now have a a course of online video lessons at

  • Do you teach beginners?
    I would recommend that you first find a non-specialist teacher to study the basics.

  • What standard do I need to be?
    This very much depends on what you are trying to achieve but some knowledge of basic scales and keys would be useful. For more info click Can I Help You?

  • What type of clients are on your books?
    Musicians, producers, DJs, songwriters, keyboard players in bands, accompanists, teachers, music therapists…but mostly people that just want to sit down at a piano and be creative!

  • Do I need to be able to read music?
    It will help if you can read notes of the treble clef.

  • Do you teach other styles apart from jazz and blues?
    Nowadays I'm only teaching jazz and blues.